Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Review – Things to Know About This Mobile Brand

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro
The Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro is an interesting, light and thin phone that has many features to match up with its expensive and high price tag. This phone will be one of the best selling in this year. So, let’s have a look at some mobile brands reviews to find out which one is better. The review in the top three in this category are Samsung, Motorola and Nokia.In the mobile brands review, Samsung and Nokia are the most popular brand names. With high-end product and design, they are very similar to each other. But, when it comes to the usage and user-friendliness, this is where they differ from each other.

For a cheap phone, Xiaomi takes the middle position with its MiuiPhone 4. This phone comes with a great price-tag but its design is still better than the competition. The screen is much brighter than that of the Motorola Droid DNA. Its overall user-friendliness is really high.

Another notable feature of this phone is the single-handed mode. It uses a full-sized china-made QWERTY keyboard. This makes it easier for typing on the phone.

But, even though it has a great design, the one thing that this model has that differentiates it from the other models is the Dual LED flash and ambient light sensor. These two elements add to the overall performance of the phone. And, by having these two options, it is really a good looking phone.

The features it has is very sleek and its nicest technology among them is its high quality camera. It has a 16 MP camera with optical image stabilization and also has video-recording, the same way as the Nokia 6800 series.

Its Smart Sensor for Low-light photos and videos is another important feature. The phone also supports low-res video while recording.

There are some basic functions such as calendar, E-mail, Clock, Browser, and so on. But, the phone also includes a few more functions. One of the functions is the Dictation application which is equipped with a built-in flash.

This will enable you to use the real-time internet and perform voice dictation. This type of application also includes special support for doing on-screen translations. You can also activate the silent call that can record your voice.

And, the phone also has support for the real-time internet. The phone also comes with a standard keypad. There is a button on the bottom to change the level of vibration and music volume.

However, the best part of this phone is the price which is just $159. You get an extra memory for a hundred bucks.