Xiaomi Play – What’s So Great About It?

The new flagship handset of the world’s most famous mobile manufacturer, Xiaomi Play, has become one of the most talked about mobile phones in the United States. This smartphone became one of the hottest mobile phones on the market before the Christmas holiday season. So, how did it get that hot?

With its very competitive price tag, this product is available at extremely competitive prices that were previously unheard of in the smartphone market. It has been well received by users, even though there are still some that are not satisfied with the features and specifications offered by this device. There are many pros and cons of the product to be discussed in this Mobile Brands Review.

Pros: First of all, the first aspect that should be addressed is the pros. Being a first gen device, this handset offers some pretty impressive technological capabilities. It comes with 5 inch touchscreen, an integrated camera, and a full keyboard that support Microsoft Windows operating system.

As expected, the battery life is pretty impressive too. The phone gets very efficient in conserving the power and consumes less power than previous models. Additionally, this phone has an IP67 water resistant rating.

These features make it more ideal for consumers who are looking for a pocket friendly devices. There are still some who are a little skeptical about the authenticity of the handset, but after purchasing the product and experiencing it for a period of time, they come to the conclusion that the phone has been manufactured by the same company that manufactured the Idol X. It should also be mentioned that the device is supported by major app store providers and offers the most available options.

Con: As mentioned above, there are still some people who are not happy with the product, especially the usability. The first con is that there are still some big drawbacks that have to be addressed. When you consider the features that come with the device, you realize that it is quite expensive, especially when compared to other smartphones out there.

A few issues have to be addressed in this review. First of all, it is a little hard to type and navigate through the large keyboard, especially with the big size. You cannot adjust the keyboard size manually and you have to tap the button to place the keys. Furthermore, the quality of the screen is not that good.

The user manual does not mention the defective manual power-off switch and if you have done any typing while the phone is turned off, you will realize that you can not unlock the boot loader even if the screen is turned off. There are also several reasons why you need to unplug the device from the charger, including power off. Otherwise, the phone will keep on showing the desktop or launcher icons.

Con: The last con that is worth mentioning is the voice quality of the device. However, users do not experience any problems with speech quality even if you are talking in a loud environment. Similarly, the loudspeaker quality is also quite impressive and clear.

Some pros: These are certainly some very good points to put forth. However, to me, this one aspect is still the best.

I hope that you will find this Xiaomi Play Review helpful. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to comment below.