Wireless Phone Reviews: Oppo F7 Review

The Oppo F7 review is one of the most talked about mobile cellular phone reviews all over the internet. There are actually a lot of pros and cons of this particular brand, but since we all know that opinions are subjective in nature, we will try to look at them together here.

If you compare Oppo F7 to the iPhone, or the Samsung Galaxy S II, or any other smartphone, then yes the Oppo F7 review is much more positive. Since it is an advanced mobile phone and is a favorite amongst many mobile phone users, so the pros and cons are not so bad. Let’s take a look at the pros first.

One of the benefits of owning an Oppo phone is that they have an exclusive deal with T-Mobile. They use their proprietary network for most of their services, and this is one thing that gives them some advantages. Since they use a T-Mobile network, and we all know that the bigger companies are going for CDMA, the majority of the population will be using this network when they switch their phones to the new phone. Since the T-Mobile network is the only network in the United States, most people will get their phone switched to this new network.

The Oppo F7 review is a clear comparison between the iPhone and the Oppo F7. This is why the pros are much more positive than the cons. If you are not an iPhone fan, then you will not get any benefits from the Oppo F7. If you have always wanted to have a sleek looking mobile phone, and don’t care about technology, then this is not for you.

The cons however are quite a bit more troubling. The cons of the Oppo F7 review, are as follows. The cons include the fact that it is not waterproof, and the fact that it has aweak battery life. The battery life of the Oppo F7 is very poor, it lasted me about two hours of normal usage, and one hour of surfing the net. If you need long term use, then you better choose another brand, or else you will be in for a headache.

Another downside is that its screen is not as bright as that of an iPod, or a video game player. It’s far from being perfect, but that can be fixed with an extra battery or just something as simple as giving it a soft touch, or maybe just to tap it less. With all these negative points, it’s obvious that this phone has some flaws. But then again, you should not expect too much from a cheap mobile phone, it’s all about pricing.

With all these negatives, we also see that it does come with a lot of free gifts. I am not sure if you can get any more free gifts than what you get with this phone, but it seems that it does provide a lot of free gifts like a headset, a USB port, a Micro SD card, and a VPN connection.

Other points that the Oppo F7 review doesn’t mention are that this phone has the right thing for those who love wireless charging, a built in built in alarm clock, and a series of apps like a trivia game, a dictionary, a Google app, and a food recipe app. If you don’t care about many of these things, then I think the Oppo F7 review will be quite unfair.

The pros of the Oppo F7 review make up for the some of the certain cons, however there are still other things that you should consider. When you compare the Oppo F7 review to a lot of other cellphones, such as the Apple iPhone, or the Samsung Galaxy S II, you can find that there are some big disadvantages that this phone has.

If you want a cell phone that runs well and is not affected by other handsets, then you may be better off with an iPhone. Because it is a newer model, it is much cheaper, and you can buy it right from the store, you can get free shipping, and a warranty on it. If you want to get the most out of the phone, it will probably be best to spend $500 more, and get the iPhone.