Vivo V19 Pro Review – A Gorgeous Smartphone With Many Pros

So what are the pros and cons of Vivo V19 Pro? It is a new smartphone released by a big mobile manufacturer. It looks sleek and it has a bigger screen compared to the others in the market. Lets take a look at what is good about this new smartphone.

Pros: This is a sleek and sexy phone. Its body has been built with machining which gives it a smooth and comfortable look. It also has curves around the edges that makes the phone more stylish. The phone is waterproof up to 15 feet.

Cellphones of today are made with a very sophisticated touch panel. In this device the touchscreen is very sophisticated, giving you more than touch control. You can navigate your way to get to anywhere with the help of this device.

The Vivo V19 Pro has a front facing camera. It takes sharp pictures and movies. And there is a flash of light that illuminates the subject when you take a picture. The rear camera is also designed to give you the best view to show the photos.

Vivo does not limit itself with just a single design. It has diverse options to choose from. It lets you choose between two different colors and has a water resistant phone. These two features make the Vivo V19 Pro really well appreciated.

Cons: The cons for this handset are mainly its cost and its durability. It is priced higher than the other phones in the market and is very durable too. It is great to be one of those expensive phones but it can’t be depended on the longevity.

Allin all its an excellent phone if you want a great multimedia experience. If you think that it is not for you, then you should stay away from it. There are many options that are available in the market.

Pros: With this model you get a lot of options like built-in music player. This offers you better music experience than the ones offered by other phones in the market.

This handset comes with an optical digital audio player and a QWERTY display with two simultaneous key presses. With this option you get the best multimedia experience in the world.

What about the performance of this phone? It has a quick update to Android OS and a smart lock feature to protect your phone. This can be used while traveling, for business, and even to keep your home unlocked.

Cons: One of the cons for this phone is its price. If you are looking for a top of the line mobile, this is not the one for you.