Vivo NEX Dual Display Review – Smartphone Features

With all the positive feedback for the Vivo NEX Dual Display and its amazing features, there’s no doubt that mobile brands are getting more impressed with it. The product is a major breakthrough for mobile phones, enabling users to take a clear-looking picture with enhanced accuracy and sound.

Despite the many reviews stating the same, the debate still rages on as to whether the Vivo NEX Quadrant should be put up against competing models from other brands. I must say that all the arguments that would favour one brand over another are sound in my opinion.

At present, the mobile phone industry is fast developing and advancing at breakneck speed. These major technological innovations will not be welcomed by all, but those that do well can survive the competition as they have the know-how to adjust their plans and in many cases, they already have!

Cellphones are, in effect, becoming more personal and are now improving our quality of life. Much like cars of the past have made life easier and safer, technology is doing the same today.

There are many reasons why consumers should be impressed with these new cellphones. Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of this revolutionary phone.

The biggest selling point of the Vivo NEX is its dual screen. Consumers are always eager to get the best performance from their phone and this phone gives them the most benefits. This phone has the greatest resolution of the bunch, so even the smallest things are easy to read.

If you have a larger screen and want a bigger picture, the Dual Display allows you to do that without having to raise the phone or switching modes. It simply takes advantage of a screen that is constantly in use and makes the phone perform quicker.

Cellphones these days also come with dual cameras, although this is not included in the Vivo NEX’s case. The Vivo NEX has a front camera that is almost as good as that of the HTC One.

When considering how much better a dual display is than a single one, it is hard to argue that a larger phone with both screens looks much better than one with just one. But the same can be said about a small phone with only one camera compared to a large phone with two.

These phones are stunning looking with the Vivo NEX Dual Display as it gives users a crisp and clear picture and it is very easy to read even at nighttime when the sun sets. It’s very rare to see a large phone with two screens as they seem to save space and keep everything small in size.

As many reviewers have pointed out, the Vivo NEX doesn’t have the largest screen so you may find yourself getting used to its size very quickly. These days, phones don’t have to have the most features and there are many that are smaller and more compact than the Vivo NEX.