The Samsung Galaxy A20 Review – Will it Be the Ultimate Mobile Phone?

Samsung Galaxy A20
After reading a number of Samsung Galaxy A20 reviews, we were intrigued by this amazing phone. We decided to try it out for ourselves, and with no prior experience in cellphones, we were able to give it a fair shot. We’d like to share our experiences with you, starting with what we found when we tested the unit, and then continue on with pros and cons. The review is written from a consumer’s perspective.As far as the company goes, Samsung is a major player in the cell phone industry, having become one of the top three manufacturing companies in the world. It has been successful in its endeavors due to the emergence of the smartphone and tablet revolution, and its push to develop an in-house mobile computer. With this in mind, we expected to be disappointed with the design and specs, but this device exceeded our expectations!

We found that the A20 is really small and compact when it comes to size, and with just a few slabs of plastic that weigh over eight ounces, it doesn’t feel like a bit of a mid-sized phone! The battery life is definitely excellent, and while the screen may be small, the fact that it’s big enough to fit on any pocket and still have enough space to access the internet and other functions is something we appreciate.

Of course, we also did some tablet reviews to test out, and our initial impressions were great. The A20 works fine as a dedicated gaming and media player, but it does so with a large amount of power, so it can easily play the latest games and downloads.

One of the pros we liked is that it has a number of input buttons, including a touch pad. These buttons are great for playing games and surfing the net, and you will likely find yourself using the touch pad often if you like typing, too.

We also liked the mobile gadget reviews of the A20 as a personal digital assistant. There are a number of features we liked about it, including a voice command feature, which you can use to dial numbers, access emails, and send texts.

Some of the cons we noted include the lack of water resistance, which is something we can’t say about many other cell phones. As such, we found it a bit hard to leave the house with this device, which makes for an unreliable system.

We did feel that this mobile gadgets had quite a bit of lag, which affected the browsing experience somewhat. We also noticed a lack of noise-cancelling technology, although this isn’t something that is a common feature of mobile phones.

In terms of functionality, we felt that the phone had a great combination of storage and processing power, so that you can actually store a lot of music and photos. To keep up with all of this, we used a memory card which held an astounding ten hours of music, and this phone would get better after that.

Overall, we felt that this is a great mobile phone that can be trusted, but it does have its own set of pros and cons. With the constant development of mobile devices these days, there’s a lot of ground to cover, and Samsung has definitely done this.

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