The Pros and Cons of the Lenovo S5 Pro Review

Lenovo S5 Pro
In this short review I will briefly discuss the pros and cons of the Lenovo S5 Pro. The review will also cover other smartphones available on the market. In the end I hope to provide a good overview about all the major cellphones on the market today.For those who are new to mobile phones, one must know that it has undergone great change since its conception. These days smartphones are not just in the hands of people with big pocket-books but also offer good performance in the market. This S5 Pro review will clearly explain why this brand is regarded as one of the best in the world.

This S5 Pro review covers the following highlights. It has a back-lit keyboard and an LCD screen, the sensitivity of which is excellent. Apart from this, it also provides the users with speed, simple navigation and smooth performance.

The Pros of this device can be clearly stated here. It has a large screen with good resolution. This provides good viewing experience for many applications. In fact you can watch video on it without any problems.

The Pros of this S5 Pro review go in the area of operating system and its AdBuddy application. It has no problems when it comes to formatting your SD card or backing up files to external storage. For people who like to surf the internet, this phone is ideal. The phone supports HD video streams.

The first and the foremost pros of this S5 Pro review its costs. The prices are very reasonable and there is hardly any reason why you cannot afford to purchase one. I am sure that you will be able to find it at very affordable rates. You will have a chance to find a good deal for it.

The cons of this S5 Pro review are mainly the ones mentioned above. If you want to stay away from sending sensitive information such as pictures, videos, voice, chats, text or calls to the strangers, this is not the phone for you. The typing speed of the device is very slow and cannot even compete with the ones that are available on the market.

You should also keep in mind that this phone does not support cordless operation unlike others on the market. Apart from this, if you do not carry it with you frequently, you might be missing out on the great features that it brings.

The front facing camera has only one shot. There is a camera flash and this flash will produce lots of light which may cause eye strain. Since the S5 Pro comes with an S Pen, you will have to pay extra for the multi-media touch pad. Most of the S Pen readers support a variety of battery types including quick charge, AA, AAA and nine-volt batteries.

The size of the phone is quite large with its high capacity cell. This is very useful when you want to take lots of photos and videos.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that the review of the Lenovo S5 Pro has been written for those who want to use an efficient mobile phone that will offer the best performances and benefits. It should not be mistaken for the one-hit wonder devices that some people make it out to be.