The Oppo Reno S Review

The Oppo Reno S review is my first in-depth review of any mobile phone brand. This has been a long time coming, as I’ve been looking for a good all-rounder phone.

As Android becomes more popular and become part of the mainstream on smartphones, a lot of effort has been put into it. A lot of effort is put into the Oppo Reno S and its features, and it’s a great phone. I’ve got to say that the Pro version is the best Android phones that I’ve ever seen.

Pros: * Excellent camera & quality screen with crisp colors, contrast, and brightness. Great quality screen, great support for Google Mobile Services & Google Play Store.

Cons: * Doesn’t have all the Android apps that I would like it to have (music, games, social networking, etc.). I do not like the fact that it doesn’t have Google’s app stores. If you are a person who uses Google mobile services then you’ll be quite disappointed with this phone.

Pros: * Great camera (at a decent price), great display, great battery life. Only real cons is the inability to download many popular Android apps (no Google Play Store). Again, if you are someone who uses Google Mobile services you will be quite disappointed with this phone.

Cons: * Interface is not great, it’s a bit strange, feels like an iPod touch. However, the phone is very good at battery life. For a lot of people who have a lot of access the interface will be fine.

Pros: * Great speed, great battery life, good screen and speakers, Google Voice recognition, best Android phones. Only cons being the lack of Google Play Store and inability to download many apps that I would like to use on my iPhone. If you need apps that come with your phone, then this phone may not be a good choice.

Pros: * Good balance between price and speed. Well-designed camera, good screen, very good battery life, strong music experience.

Cons: * Lots of features are available, so it will take some getting used to. Some features may be quite useless. For example, there is no Google Play Store.

Pros: * Very fast processor. Good audio performance and a great design, big screen, great screen size and thickness.

Cons: * Many people think that this phone is overpriced for the specs it has. One of the pros though is the great support from Nokia.