The Nokia X2 Review – The Pros and Cons of the Nokia X2

The Nokia X2 review. That is the whole gist of the Nokia X2 review. But, it is so full of pros and cons that I feel it is hard to decide on a winner. Does the Nokia X2 review support or criticize the Nokia brand?

The pro side of this review is the fact that it has been quickly adopted by the mobile market as a substitute for feature phones and other simple models in terms of functionality and user friendliness. The entire name Nokia being associated with such a new design, that puts the entire focus on a single device.

What more can you ask for in a handset? The Nokia X2 review also features several pros that all put it high on the league table when compared to other conventional mobile devices like the iPhone and similar models. The Nokia X2 is a simple device but in a good way.

Another pro is the integration of a GPS (Global Positioning System) system with the Nokia X2. Even though Nokia has not thrown its hat into the ring of Microsoft and iOS, the integration of a GPS into the phone has made the gadget easy to use and so convenient. You will find yourself using the device so much that you would find yourself forgetting you even have it in your pocket.

If there were huge pros and cons then there would be a detailed review for each piece of the review. However, there are only pros and cons in one piece. When considering all the pros and cons, the Nokia X2 comes out top in this review.

And then there is the proof the X2’s camera. This is a great feature as it allows you to take that perfect photo or video every time. The Nokia X2 camera provides you with an amazing snapshot that can easily stand the test of time. The pros are not all negatives though. There are some pro’s as well that can get you more than impressed. They include the Pro-Lite camera software that will ensure that you will always get the most out of the X2.

Then there is the con of course. The cons will include the lack of updates and the near non-availability of upgrades.

When all the pros and cons are taken into consideration, the Nokia X2 review comes out as the best device for the smartphone industry. Yes, the pros outweigh the cons. The Nokia X2 review includes most of the pros you need in a mobile handset.

The only pro that you could argue against the Nokia X2 is the fact that it is not completely available in the US market. This may make the device rather expensive in India and other foreign markets as well. The manufacturers should keep the X2 in their areas though.

Yes, this Nokia X2 review may be harsh on the gadget but it does review the pros and cons. It is meant to create awareness about the Nokia X2 and even other brands.