Realme X50 Review by Consumer: Beware of Cheap Mobile Phones

If you are looking for a new cell phone or a cell phone plan, then I can suggest you to read the Realme X50 review buy a mobile phones and online gifts expert. The review is actually from the user, in this case his sister, and was provided to him by his girlfriend. Yes, it’s quite possible that she is aware of the problem that she wants to discuss with him.

The cell phone Reviewer had received his X50 with some issues. The reviewer pointed out that the battery of the cell phone does not last as long as he wants and at times he is unable to make calls due to the interruptions. The reviewer also found the caller ID function very irritating especially at night time when the phone is turned off.

The reviewer also pointed out that his web browsing is being hindered and he cannot turn on his music player nor enjoy the gaming functions like playing games or watching videos. The cell phone Reviewer has been a regular user of the cell phone for quite some time now and also claims that his earlier Android phones had same problems.

The reviewer was hopeful that the latest version of Android would fix the performance of the cell phone. But when he found out that the battery has reduced significantly he took it to the repair shop for fixing it.

The reviewer has got a refund from the handset repair shop for buying a used cell phone. He will not buy another brand again. The next time he will be using an iPhone or a Samsung model.

The reviewer noted that this particular phone has better features and cheaper price than other mobile phones. The camera quality is excellent and this is the reason why the reviewer liked it so much. The Reviewer is a very good photographer and is using the camera to document his trip.

The reviewer believes that the reviewer would have had a more satisfied experience if he had been supplied with the spare parts which are required for repairing the cell phone. The Reviewer wants the mobile phone repair shop to provide him with spare parts in the form of a cable, etc.

The reviewer has other issues with the X50 but the seller did not let him know about them. Apparently the seller is not going to take responsibility for the issues that may arise from the faulty functioning of the phone.

The reviewer has requested the seller to buy the phone after some time and give him a full refund. The seller is not willing to do so because the shipment of the phone is at least two weeks away.

The Reviewer has been disappointed with the cell phone that he purchased and the wireless range is far less than he expected. The phone Reviewer said that he only uses his phone on landlines and can easily see the neighbors in the street.

The Reviewer said that he has written this article to ensure that the mobile phones and online gifts industry improve its own consumer satisfaction and product development procedures. Perhaps he will be pleased to see that the next phone will be as good as the X50.