When we speak of cellphones, we usually only remember the Oppo F7 Youth Review, but did you know that there are other specialized and important cellphones review that we should know? Take the Oppo F3 Chat and the Oppo F7 Youth Review, for example. These are two exceptional cellphones that differ quite a lot from each other and the fact that they were reviewed by expert mobile gurus makes it even more impressive.

Both phones are noteworthy for their technical pros and cons. They were designed with the same high-quality specifications of the regular, premium phones. In their summary of the technical pros and cons, you will be able to find out what they have in common and what are the major differences.

One of the most significant differences is their wireless capability. Oppo F7 Youth Review uses a EP55 FM, which is wireless technology. On the other hand, the F3 Chat uses UMTS technology, which is considered to be more reliable.

Another significant difference is their cellular capability. The F3 Chat is known for its superbly advanced connectivity, whereas the F7 Youth Review has a lesser connectivity speed. On the other hand, the F3 is equipped with FM radio, with the latest technologies.

Now that you know the pros and cons of the two phones, you will be able to make a judgment about which one you would buy. The biggest disadvantage of the F3 Chat is its inadequate voice-calling features.

The official Oppo website actually says that the device has “a huge number of terrific innovations”for those who are continually looking for high-end features and industry innovation, this new revolutionary PDA is simply unbeatable.” But when you compare it with the F7 Youth Review, you will see that the F3 offers some truly extraordinary advantages. For example, it has a higher resolution touch screen and a good, professional looking camera. It has a deeper and longer battery life, as well as a better variety of built-in programs, like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM radio, and MP3 player.

On the other hand, the F7 Chat is colored by its Capricorn Blue colored backlight. There are some rumors circulating that the battery of the F7 Chat can’t be charged enough, but the mobile phone is said to last over three days. The MediaTek processor is also said to work faster than the one used in the F3.

The major disadvantage of the F3, however, is its shorter battery life. One problem is that the phone doesn’t offer you wireless calling capabilities, the other is that the phone lacks the wonderful Apple Maps application, which is the most famous app on the iPhone.

Finally, the third most renowned gadget manufacturer is Xiaomi. They don’t have as many pros as they do cons, but they have the best Mobile Gizmos Review, and they are really good. In fact, the first party app, the SafetyNet service and the Speedy 3G are very important in the comparison between the three great models.

The Oppo F3 has fewer cellular capabilities than the F7. However, the device comes with a great, wide variety of premium features.

One thing to remember is that the F3 has a screen that can accept better picture quality when viewing in low ambient light. On the other hand, the Oppo F7 Youth Review has a LCD screen and an IR remote control, but not all LCD screens are good.
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