New Voice Recognition Feature of the Vivo Y15

So the Vivo Y15 has finally been released, and with its arrival it comes a new feature: voice recognition. The keypad feature of the Vivo Y15 is that the cell phone can now be recognized by using your voice, and thus, you can simply ask the person on the other end of the line to leave a message, or to call back later. A mere statement like “I need to leave a message” now triggers the calling function of the telephone.

This is an important feature for the Vivo Y15, because most people who have young children tend to be very dependent on their mobile phones for everything, especially when their children are away. Thus, the presence of the voice recognition will be more comforting to parents than using a number keypad.

Voice recognition may seem a little suspicious at first, but there is actually a good explanation for the presence of the feature. Voicemail is one kind of messaging, in which the sender asks the recipient to call them back later. It does not require that the recipient would always answer their cell phone. Therefore, you will have to press your “call” button every time you use your cell phone, or you will miss all those messages sent and received.

However, you can still send voicemails without using voice recognition. You can now make your voice message more personal by sending short messages that contain your name and/or your address. However, the person who receives the message can not be asked to leave a message by means of voice recognition. Only by pressing your “call” button or by speaking the message itself.

The Voice Recognition feature of the Vivo Y15 is a really nice addition. In the event that you have been trying to find a cell phone that combines the best features of your current cell phone as well as the convenience of a landline, this is the feature you might want to consider.

The Vivo Y15 was recently reviewed by a mobile cellphone brands review site, and the results were pretty much the same as what you see here. The reviewers of the Vivo Y15 are very happy with the Vivo Y15’s performance and praised its features. With its large buttons and a very easy-to-use design, they believe that the Vivo Y15 should make it to the top of its product range, given the features it possesses.

Yet, despite the accolades it received from the mobile brands review site, the voice recognition feature of the Vivo Y15 has not reached the popularity level that other brands are experiencing with it. Many manufacturers of other brands do not bother to add the voice recognition feature, and the company behind the device, Nokia, is not interested in continuing to give people a reason to keep them interested. The decision to ignore the feature was not because the decision makers believe that it is not a great feature, but rather it is believed that they will not be able to gain the popularity that their competitors can with it.

The decision to limit the features to allow only a landline number to use the VOIP service has certainly made a difference. However, with only about 20% of the mobile phone users in the United States owning a mobile phone, the decision to limit the features will likely not have as drastic an effect as it has in other countries.

The Vivo Y15 will not be the first cell phone to offer the voice recognition, because other companies are also getting in on the game. As you look at other cellular phones, you will find that they are now offering voice recognition in many of their latest models. Each manufacturer is still trying to find out if voice recognition will be a niche market for them or if they will be able to make it part of their everyday smartphone usage.

If you buy a recent cell phone in the current price range, chances are that you can expect the voice recognition feature to come standard. It is only a matter of how much the manufacturers will increase the prices to be able to maintain their manufacturing costs, but with so many competitors already competing for your business, it is doubtful that they will be able to stay within the current price range.