Infinix Zero 4 Review – Absolute Value and Mobile Brands Reviews

The Infinix Zero 4 Review is generally pretty positive. Let’s take a look at what’s in it.

The goal of this review is to compare the Absolute Value to other branded cellphones. In other words, we’re comparing it against similar-brand devices that are on the market today. There are a lot of brands, many of which are quite expensive, so we wanted to make sure that we came to a conclusion based on comparative tests.

Really, the biggest problem with testing is that they’re really hard to do. You can test just about anything on any device, but then you’re limited to the fact that you can test the devices and only a few aspects. You can’t test the actual functions or features of the device or even examine it properly in general. So we decided to analyze the Absolute Value right away.

Since so many cellular phones exist today, I figured that it would be easier to compare apples to apples, and find out how similar the brands are. At least, that’s how I started. The first two models I tested were those made by Nokia and Samsung, and they’re well-known brands for good reason.

Reading the review was interesting, but my focus wasn’t really on the reviewer’s thoughts. It was more of an objective analysis of the products themselves, and how they each function.

The Absolute Value certainly gives off a cool vibe. It looks like a high-end iPod or iPhone, with rounded edges and a somewhat rectangular shape.

The look is pretty good, but then it also has different voice controls that allow you to make phone calls or send texts on your own. It looks like it’s going to have a similar looking voice command option with a larger screen, but it actually uses three small touch-sensitive buttons that are a little harder to get used to, especially if you’re used to bigger touch-screen devices.

Then there’s the big advantage: the cellphone holds up to 25g of call and text memory, and you can even use a MicroSD card for extra storage. That means you don’t have to leave your phone lying around the house, and you don’t have to worry about losing data if it gets hit by a wild animal. Those are big advantages over most other phones out there.

The Infinix Zero 4 Review did have some problems. For one thing, it’s impossible to get a firm answer on whether it’s waterproof. In my tests, though, I haven’t experienced any issues like that.

Other phones, like the Blackberry, don’t have waterproof features, but they also don’t have much memory. The Absolute Value does have both, though. It could very well be one of the most water-resistant handsets out there.

We still haven’t really looked at all the other cellphones out there, but you can bet that they’re all different. We’re just now realizing how difficult it can be to compare different brands and models.