Honor 9 Lite Review – Is it Good Or Bad?

When the Honor 9 Lite was announced, we were all excited at the prospect of the new phone from Nokia. We took our phones and downloaded a free copy of Honor’s user manual and followed some of the suggested tips that are provided in it.

While we did see a few of the tips mentioned in the manual, like the fact that the phone should be left unplugged while the screen is switched on, the manual stated that the phone should be unplugged when not in use. We were told that any time the phone is turned on it should be kept in the case.

The manual also said that the phone would keep charging for about 45 minutes when plugged into a power source. This was repeated by some other sites as well. Well, that did not appear to be as true as it should have been.

Cellphones which charge using the mains are made to charge about 4 hours and the charge will continue even after the screen is switched off. One of the reasons that the phone keeps charging is because of the way the cellphones charge in comparison to an old mobile.

The old mobile and the Nokia cellphones do not make use of the different type of chargers that are made to charge modern gadgets. Instead, they have one to four pieces of wireless charging pads on them. They have also the same size but these are of a very different style, so this is to reduce the number of different chargers that they have to carry around.

Nowadays, with all the new technology, it is difficult to fit all these pieces of equipment into a tiny little body. That is why many of the manufacturers have started to produce their chargers in a way that they can fit onto any type of phone. Many of these chargers have slots for any kind of USB, so that anyone can just plug their phone into the charger and off they go.

We have read several reviews about the Honor charging pad as well as the phone itself. We have read a few free samples of the phone which has the phone charging pad. And then we have seen a few reviews about a model that does not have the cell phone charging pad built in.

These pros and cons of this phone have convinced us that the Pros do outweigh the Cons. Yes, there are other’s reviews and the Pros still do outweigh the Cons.

You can use your phone anywhere you like, no matter what you are doing, because the phone will always be fully charged when you are using it. If you wanted to download a video, or record a voice memo you can do it, no matter where you are.

While the phone itself does charge it does not have the best use of the battery it could. The phone does not have an SOS button and has the best battery life out of all the phones we have tested.

While the Pros are the ones who win, the Cons have not won the day. It seems like the Pros might be the popular decision for Honor mobiles. Now if they add a battery case to the phone so that it can go longer than an hour without being recharged it will go down to a tie with the Cons.