Hero Traveler HD – Cellphone Brand Review

The Hero Traveler HD is the latest from Hero Marketing. I recently received a review copy of the Hero Traveler HD and in this review I will be discussing how the mobile phone will benefit me. Many phones have featured mobile phone brands reviews and I believe that the best brands review will come from those that have actually used the product. This Hero Marketing has not been overly positive when it comes to the phone.

My take on these mobile phones is that they are not all bad. In fact some features that I like about the phone that I will mention in this review.

First off this Hero Marketing cellphones review has many pros. The main advantage of the Hero Brand is the use of a large, bright 5 inch display. On the bigger screen phones there is nothing better than reading and surfing the web as well as viewing pictures.

Other positive features of the Hero Traveler include a few anti-theft features and a good camera. I love that the camera feature is amazing as it does not require a huge amount of effort. Some of the phones will take some time to zoom in but that is okay because I do not use a zoomed in picture.

Overall the Hero brands are known for their value and solid phones. Many brands will review with good points but the cons are rarely talked about. I am glad to say that the Hero Traveler review has some positives that I do like.

The Hero Traveler is a very simple phone. It comes with very little to no add-ons. For people who love to bring a little extra with them this phone will work just fine.

I do not need a lot of pro features on my phone because I will mostly be using the camera and the internet. The camera is great but I like my internet.

Although this phone is not the big screen phone many of the other phones are having a small screen. I like to have a larger screen for gaming and watching videos. When I am gaming, I do not want to have to switch back and forth to another page to view more information.

The Traveler has two radios that work with my iPhone. There is Bluetooth for easy pairing with my iPhone. I like having a 3G mobile broadband feature as it helps me stay connected easily.

If you are traveling, it would be great to find a phone that will include some type of talk time. I do not like to worry about the battery dying on me while I am away.

I like to read specific sites for my reviews. You can find all of my reviews on my site at http://cooperckeyreviews.com. I have included a link to my free mobile phone review so that you can read all my cell phone reviews.