Apple iPhone 7 Pro Review – A First Impression

For the first time, Apple has built and launched a flagship smartphone; the iPhone 7. Now, only Apple can truly tell how well the handset does in the market.

Apple has already launched its flagship iPhone to the general public. However, for the first time, a high-end mobile phone brand is reviewing a particular Apple product.

The Mobile Brands Reviewer, a gadget writer who has been known to give good opinions on mobile phones, gave his opinion on the iPhone 7 Pro. The reviewer revealed his knowledge of the Apple iPhone series before reviewing the phone. This is a nice perspective from a known reviewer on a new device.

He also found the phone to be a very easy device to use. He found the screen to be bright, the touch sensitive buttons to be responsive, and the stereo speakers to be superior. He also said that the iPhone was one of the best mobile phones that he has ever used. It did not leave him in any doubt about his opinion.

The Mobile Brands Reviewer said that the screen on the iPhone 7 Pro looked great. He did not see any distortion, no pixels at all, or other problems with the display. He said that the iPhone model really impressed him.

On the other hand, he found the camera on the iPhone to be fairly accurate. He did not see any drawbacks in terms of the image quality. However, he did find some blurriness. He also said that there are not too many cameras available in the iPhone.

The Pro was also found to be fairly fast. The reviewer said that the Pro version of theiPhone appeared to be a flagship iPhone, at least according to his evaluation. However, he also said that the iPhone 7 Pro model performed better than the iPhone 6s Plus.

Other reviews have focused on the iPhone as well. Some reviewers stated that the iPhone 7 Pro did not perform like it should have. Others said that it’s just fine and it doesn’t get enough glory for the name “Pro”.

Others also said that the Pros are not as innovative as they need to be, which makes them “okay” in the world of mobile phones. A lot of consumers may be surprised to see the pros having not been properly reviewed.

It is also worth noting that the Pros are going to start reaching middle-aged and old customers. Those are buyers who have not been loyal to any cell phone brand before and do not know anything about the technologies used by these models. This is a problem for Apple, because they are expecting their loyal base to be able to trust the newer models more.

It is a shame that an unbiased reviewer could not give a fair opinion on the iPhone 7 Pro. I am sure that the iPhone will continue to be sold. Apple will surely make another great model that will sell even faster.