A Brief Honor Play 8 Review

What is the first thing you would notice about the Honor Play 8 reviews? The first thing you might notice is the color of the phone. As a matter of fact, the whole phone looks like a red, chrome mobile phone!

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this phone. The pros are really good. They are features such as, the outstanding 5.5 inch screen, the UHS-I memory card slot, the amazing camera, the fabulous battery life and of course the premium price. The cons are mainly the lack of NFC, the headphone jack is absent and other minor things.

On the pros side, the screen has great clarity. It has a bright color and it has the highest resolution. One more impressive feature is the shutter sound; the shutter sound could be adjusted with the slider. You will not be able to hear it on your own. One more feature that deserves mention is the speaker quality, it has been designed with the best technology and are really great. Not only the speakers but the speakers are so soft that they would give a very great performance even in your pocket.

On the pro side, the camera is superb. It has a DxOMark rating of 99; this means that it is one of the best cameras available on the market. One more good feature is the terrific battery life, which is up to 10 hours.

The pro side is something that could get you bragging points, especially if you have children. Most kids love to play games with their mobile phones and they need a parent to accompany them while playing.

The Pro side is what made the Honor Play 8 a favorite among kids. It is one of the phones that is not only easy to use but also has an entertainment value. This means that you can play a lot of fun games with this phone like Candy Crush, Tetris, Minecraft and many more.

There are two pros and two cons on the pros. One pro is the fantastic battery life, and of course it has the best battery.

The Pro is for the budget conscious buyer who is looking for a very smart and wonderful phone. It has many functionalities that make it unique among the other mobile brands. The other two are the premium price which can match with the latest flagship mobile phones in the market. The Pro also has all the personal features you are looking for; such as the special glow effect and built-in speaker, so you can enjoy the music too.

The Pro is a unique combination of functions and features; so you will never feel bored even while you are on the go. So you will never miss out on any moment while you are on the move. The Pro is really like a gift from God for those who are active on the go.

The Pros of the Honor Play 8 Review can make a mobile consumer feel that the best phone is found on this particular smartphone. As for the Cons, there are few but you can easily find them by doing some research on the internet. The Pros are outstanding; but there are few problems and drawbacks as well.

So the Pros, along with the Pros are indeed outstanding. Just make sure you don’t purchase the wrong one; as the Cons may be not so desirable.